Financial Information

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As At 1 April 2016

Authorised Capital : RM500,000,000.00
Issued and Fully Paid-up Capital : RM406,057,151 (Excluding 35,388,978 Treasury Shares)
Class of Shares : Ordinary shares of RM1.00 each fully paid
Voting Rights : One vote per RM1.00 share

Breakdown Of Shareholdings

- Less than 5% of issued holdings
- 5% and above of issued holdings

Substantial Shareholders As At 1 April 2016

According to the Register of Substantial Shareholders required to be kept under Section 69L of the Companies Act, 1965, the following are the substantial shareholders of the Company:

Directors' Interest As At 1 April 2016

According to the Register of Directors' Shareholdings required to be kept under Section 134 of the Companies Act, 1965 the Directors' interests in the ordinary share capital of RM1 each of the Company and its subsidiary companies are as follows:

By virtue of their interests in the Company, Dato' Dr. Yu Kuan Chon, DIMP, PPT, MBBS and Dato' Yu Kuan Huat, DPMP, PMP, AMP, PPT are deemed to be interested in shares in the subsidiary companies to the extent that the Company has an interest.

None of the other Directors had any interest in shares in the Company's related corporations.

List Of Top Thirty Holders As At 1 April 2016